Step-down coverter for drive a dry way crude oil balls mill.

Custom-made special manufacturing.


Step-down converter for drive a cement factory furnace.

Custom-made special manufacturing.


Clinker separator at cement factory.

Custom-made special manufacturing.


Surface course rings of 5 meters in diameter custom-made special manufacturing, for iron ore recoverer:


Transport for displacement motorcarts custom-made special manufacturing, for iron ore recoverer.



Wheels, shafts, gears and assembled collections manufacturing for mining company:


Turn step-down converter for ore stacker custom-made special manufacturing, composed of 5 sets of cones and a reduction ratio of 1:1500.


Step-down converter repair, in this case pinion and crown gear replacement of step-down converter for sugar mill.


Heat interchangers:










Motor-step-down band tensor:




Coil upper drum activate system:


Machinery List:


Cylindrical serrated Cutter

(Mill grinder)

Lambert models 75 and 82

Koepfer model 150

Pfauter P-400, P-900 and P-1501

Cylindrical serrated

Bilariz S-5, Rack cut

TOS OHA-50, internal without exit

Conic - Spiral serrated Cutters

Klingelnberg FK-41,

 AMKU-630 and 635

Spiroconic model SCJ-4

Gear flank Rectifiers

Reishauer NZA and ZB, No end Grind

Oerlikon OPAL-120,


Klingelnberg G-20,

CNC-Spiral Bevel

Mechanized Centers

Kitamura model M-3/835, CNC

Deckel-Maho model DMU 50-T, CNC



Danobat R1-H-300 and 1200-RP

Hidro-Precis N-150 and RSP-1200

Fritz Werner 3275/15

Sieleman RESBR80

Voumard 5N

Auxiliary Machinery

Jarbe BH-1300 hydraulic broaching

Urpe MG-300 puncher

Rapid 200-NK external cutter


Barrufaldi BM1-626 serrated rounder

CNC Couth MC2000 marker

Control Machinery


Klingelnberg P-100 gears verifier

Centaur RB2 hardness testers

Gleason 519 measurement gauge bank

And so on...


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