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Any type of gear custom-made special manufacturing:


Any type of gear, linear serrated, helicoidal, conical, conic helicoidal and chevron with cement thermic treatment for the small ones and temper induction for the serrated big ones. It is worth mentioning as an example the pinion and crown set that we made for a mill being the crown 5 meters in diameter.


Any type of step-down converter custom-made special manufacturing:


We are capable of custom-manufacture any type of step-down converter, parallel or perpendicular shaft or no-end crown type, for conveyor belts, mills, furnaces, ships, rolling mill trains, etc. Likewise we had made step-down converters for electricity generator gas turbines of 30.000 MW, with input velocity of 5.300 rpm. and output of 3.600 rpm.


Custom-made heat interchangers:

Both for electricity and chemical and petrochemical industries, with any type of fluttered tube. It is worth mentioning a series of interchangers special made for heat up caustic liquor (bauxite and sodium hydroxide mix) to 250ēC with 25 pressure atmospheres, tubular shaped with 65 tons of weight everyone and almost 1.500 tubes in every interchanger.


Custom-made conveyor belts pieces:

In this field we are experienced in tambors (band headers), rollers, motor-step-down converters and structures, and bimetalic steel covering based in chrome carbide also.


Custom-made pieces for recoverers and mineral punchers :

It is worth mentioning temper induction thermic treatment wheels, support rings up to 5 meters in diameter, gears, transport carts collections, special rails, embedded bearing crowns for turn systems.


Custom-made crushers and mills:

Manganese-Steel inner coverings, pinions and crowns and step-down converters.


Custom-made furnaces pieces:

Special steel rollers for high temperatures, chains, dumping and commanding  systems.


Custom-made fluid transport equipment:

Special size tubes manufacturing, special alloy valves and pressure pumps of special specifications.


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